Husband And Wife Disputes Solution in Gandhinagar

Common astrological remedies to resolve differences between couples

  • It is necessary to chant the Trayshari Mahamrityunjaya Mantra in search of solutions for the existing conflicts between two partners. According to experts, on the first Monday of Shukla Paksha, chant mantras for 21 days.
  • To eliminate relationship issues which are the primary cause of disputes, you can chant Om Mahayakshini Mantra on Diwali night or during eclipse.
  • husband wife dispute problem solution specialist
  • Gandhinagar advised the wife to sleep on the man’s left side and asked them to use the same pillow.
  • The color of the bedroom plays an important role in astrology. Make sure you have light colors in your bedroom. Stay away from bright and dark colors to reduce disputes.
  • While sleeping, keep your head in the south or east direction and avoid placing the idol of God in your bedroom.
  • Buy flowers like roses only on Fridays.
  • The bed used should be from the paternal side. You can tie pink threads on all four of its stands to reduce friction.
  • A good husband wife dispute resolution is to buy and wear light fragrance on Friday. Both the partners have to abide by it.
  • Friday is considered a holy day in astrology. You can buy new clothes or start working on your relationship from this day.
  • Avoid eating anything sour on Friday. Instead, offer white sweets to the deities and consume it as prasad.
  • If you have recently started married life then wear a diamond ring. Yet if the discord continues to escalate, leave them. Instead, get a gold ring for the wife, while the husband wears a silver ring.

These are some common husband wife relationship problem solutions. Meet with husband and wife dispute resolution specialist in Gandhinagar to get customized treatment. Such measures can resolve conflicts and allow you to renew the initial power of love and lead a blissful married life.

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