Husband And Wife Disputes Solution in Patan

By the way, there are many reasons due to which there are many problems in the relationship between husband and wife. And all these issues are just due to various factors some may be normal and some can be proved practically by astrology. So, the reasons due to which disputes may arise are mentioned here in the following manner:

  • Lack of communication: Since communication is the medium that can solve all the issues or complications. Because with its help we are able to clear each other’s thoughts. But in case the communication level is not placed properly. Then it will lead to a lot of problems and can be the main reason for creating fights.
  • 7th house lord position: husband wife dispute solution astrologer in Patan – Venus for men and Jupiter for women If both these planets are combined with Saturn, Rahu and Ketu and then occupy the seventh house lord who the weakest are the masters. So perhaps this is the reason why problems and quarrels may arise between husband and wife.
  • Not having a favourable partner from the point of view of astrology: According to astrology, the position of planets and houses in a person’s horoscope is studied. But if in case we choose that person as our life partner whose compatibility does not match with us. So, it can create trouble in marriage and can also ruin it badly.

If there are many problems in your husband-wife relationship. So, you can easily solve them with the help of our husband wife dispute resolution astrologer in Patan and his methods.

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